Angry Black Woman


Why is that Black Woman so angry ?

Because she saw you with another girl,

And now you’re pretending that wasn’t you

Big lies from you say it was just a bird.

Why is that Black Woman so angry ?

Because she didn’t dance for a while

And she’s been walking too many miles

Just to find food,

For a man who’s not in the mood

For loving her

And taking care of her.

Why is that black Woman so angry ?

What ? Don’t you watch television ?

Because she has the hardest mission

To raise another fighting generation,

Fighting for recognition

Fighting for non violence

Fighting for Justice.

Take a look at her ?

Do you really think she’s angry ?

Look at her eyes

There’s a hope that never dies,

There’s a screaming silence

To an indifferent audience

Whatever. She won’t tell you.

Not because it is a taboo.

She won’t tell you in the way you want to be told.

If you don’t hold her in a way she wants to be hold.


Why is that black Woman so angry ?

Because they just shot her son in the street

And she was told to deal with it.

Why is that black Woman so angry ?

Because she was just raped in the East of Congo

Then, they simply told her to go,

And she was chased by her village

Too busy with saving their image,

And now you’re asking why.

Instead of asking why she’s angry

Or even questioning whether she’s really angry,

Ask what’s wrong with the others.

Being indifferent to her condition,

Counting diamonds on her antievolution

That question matters.

And by the way she’s not angry.

You are simply using your standards of anger,

There’s a fight between her self worse and her self better,

She’s trying to hold an impossible love,

For a world she no longer understands,

No, no, she’s not mad.

She’s sad.


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